Warranty Service

We can provide warranty service for several regulator and dive computer manufacturers, with additional manufacturers being added on a regular basis. Please Contact Us to see if we can provide quick local manufacturer authorized warranty service for your scuba equipment.

Service Contracts

We currently offer service contracts to government organizations and educational institutions. Please Contact Us for more details and to receive a quote based upon your specific needs.

Professional Services

Regulator service repair technician students get hands on training for regulator service with all parts and tools

Equipment Service Clinics

We provide equipment service clinics for multiple major scuba regulator manufacturers, both in person and online. We also provide tailored in-house service clinics for organizations to train their staff on regulator operating principles and service procedures.

Scuba Regulator Assembly

We provide scuba regulator assembly services for select manufacturers to support periods of high product demand.


We provide consulting services to multiple scuba regulator manufacturers to improve the reliability and serviceability of their products. We are in constant communication with manufacturers, providing them with feedback on material and service improvements, supporting new product development, including developing their maintenance procedures and associated documentation, and alerting them to recurring problems we identify with customer regulators.

Expert Testimony

We have extensive background and experience providing expert testimony involving scuba equipment for legal cases. Upon request, we can discuss your specific requirements.